Who can apply?

Artists from all artistic disciplines (installation, videoart, sculpture, architecture, electronic music, painting, drawing, performance, photography, net art, etc.) are invited to send us a proposal.

Deadlines to send the applications

26th July 2015 // Deadline for the residency beginning in January 2016
25th October 2015 // Deadline for the residency beginning in April 2016

new! // Online Application Form

In 2015 there's a new Online Application Form to improve the selection process.
It is in beta version and it's still possible to apply by email as usual.
Please check the following guidelines before submitting your application.

Documentation needed

// Personal and Contact Data

Name, Nationality, Birthdate, Address, Telephone, Email, Website
Artistic disciplines you are interested in

// Artistic Resume

An updated vita in pdf or doc format, max 1MB

Please rename your file following this format: your_name_vita.pdf

// Project Description

Describe the project you want to develop at GlogauAIR

1 file, maximum 10MB, format doc, pdf, jpg.
Multiple files can be uploaded as a single zip or rar.

Please rename your file following this format: your_name_project.pdf

// Work samples

Maximum 10 pictures, 1MB each.
You can also upload a single pdf or zip/rar file

Please rename your files following this format: your_name_sample01.jpg

For audio or video files, please include 1-10 links to your works

// Your residency

Preferred period for your residency
Desired duration
Are you supported/granted by any organization or institution?

Download application guidelines

To the Application Form

Email applications

For email applications please send your documentation to

Additional Information

// Visa
If the artist comes from a non-European country, he/she has to go through the process of obtaining a German Visa valid throughout the time of residence. We offer our collaboration by writing a letter of admission.
For general information about mobility check

// Expenses
The artist must take responsibility to pay individually for the costs of the studio prices and insurance, transport and travel expenses. Normally the artist will look for a grant in his/her country to finance all the costs, although GlogauAir will do everything possible to facilitate the search for financial Aid, i.e. sending a letter of invitation that endorses the decision of the artist. On the other hand, GlogauAir is constantly looking for sponsor entities to bring granted artists and pay for activities of the residents.
If you’re looking for funding, here you can find our selection of funding programs.

// Deadlines
The artists will have to present the finished documentation within the period established by GlogauAIR; these dates will be announced on our website.

// Jury
A jury formed of professionals from the Berlin art community will choose the admitted artists and the decision will be communicated by e-mail only to the selected artists.

Monthly costs for a GlogauAIR studio

* 500 €/month - Sleeping in the studio. The artist should sleep in their own workplace. Bed and bed linen will be provided as well as showers and kitchen for general use.

* 450 €/month - not sleeping in the studio.

GlogauAIR offers the use of a studio space, shared kitchen, shower, WC and WIFI, basic expenses (maintenance, gas, electricity, internet and telephone) included.

You are invited to participate in GlogauAIR´s Open Studios exhibition as well, which offers the residents direct contact to the local artistic scene and a dialog with the public.
In occasion of the Open Studios exhibition, GlogauAIR will edit a catalog with information and photos of every resident artist, as well as a flyer and press release.
GlogauAIR also takes care of the communication of the event (website, facebook, mailing)

You are also invited to take part on the different activities and collaboration projects organized in or by GlogauAIR, including a welcome lunch to get to know the other resident artists, studio visits and interchange programs with other residences and institutions.
GlogauAIR will also provide advice, technical support and access to all the equipment and tools available in the residence. You will be included in the database of resident artists accessible on our homepage.