May 2012


The MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART (MPA-B) is a month-long platform dedicated to highlighting, promoting and interconnecting the wealth and diversity of independent, contemporary and experimental Performance Art practices thriving in BERLIN. Running for its second year in May 2012, MPA-B brings together artists, curators, producers, venues, networks and organisations, which operate beyond and across the boundaries of institutionalised performing arts structures.


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Laboratory Limitations at GlogauAIR

21-27 May 2012

GlogauAIR is participating in this great initiative with a Performance Art Laboratory based on LIMITATIONS


OUTLINE: GlogauAIR proposal for this week-long Art Laboratory is to work with physical and conceptual LIMITATIONS. By progressively limiting the tools and elements that Performance Art uses, the participants will have to develop and adapt new strenghts and strategies in the final presentation of their work. By utilising and working at the beginning of the workshop with objects, words, in groups, in a large space and with different body parts, the final performance will be stripped down of all these tools and taken back to an object-less, word-less, space-less and solo presentation.






Ithaca, New York 20/4-11/5


The current artist in residence Kazue Taguchi is presenting her works at the LUX _An Art and Science Exhibition_ in the Cornwell University


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Node Center curators visiting GlogauAIR

20 of March 2012


Last March 20th the current residents at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies visited our studios at GlogauAIR, to give the oportunity to both groups to exchange experiences and ideas.

Node Center for Curatorial Studies offers a platform to teach, experiment, and investigate subjects related to curatorial studies and contemporary art practices.

The Center´s core activity stems from the Curatorial Residency Program that offers its participants the possibility of expanding their professional and practical experience while deeply immersing them in Berlin’s art scene.

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THE SECOND Performance Art Festival at GlogauAIR

Last 9-10 of March 2012

The Second is the second Performance Art Festival that GlogauAIR organized in the frame of the ELAA (European Live Art Archive) in Berlin. Enduring the curatorial statement of the festival Home Sweet Home in 2010, our aim was to assemble the biggest range of possibilities that performance art can comprise, in order to question its boundaries and crossovers. The festival was very successful and we had a great time.

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30-31 March 2012


Friday 30.03.2012 : 19- 24 h

20.30 h Performance by Nadir Valente

Soundart intervention by ATOMOSPHERE

        Masahiko Ueji : keyboard

        Niko LFO : e-drums, guitar, voice


Saturday 31.03.2012 : 15- 21 h

18 h Artist and curators talk !


Open studios Exhibition

Kuno Ebert / Diamantis Sotiropoulos / Samantha Donnelly / Caetlynn J. Booth / Leo Babsky / Virginia Echeverría / Grace Kim / Yi Kyung Cho / Patricia March / Stefaan van Hyfte


Project Space Exhibition

Numbers -N.3- curated by Nicola Ricciardi and Roberta Pagani with Leo Babsky / Samantha Donnelly / Elisa Barrera and Nadir Valente


Interfluencia curated by Olga Sureda Guasch with Daniel Alvarez / Francisco José Perez and Henkia


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March 9-10, 2012 at 19:00

The Second is the second Performance Art Festival that GlogauAIR is organizing in the frame of the ELAA (European Live Art Archive) in Berlin. Enduring the curatorial statement of the festival Home Sweet Home in 2010, our aim is to assemble the biggest range of possibilities that performance art can comprise, in order to question its boundaries and crossovers.

Performance art was established as an artistic genre in the sixties in two different backgrounds: in one hand by the avant-garde theatre and contemporary dance experiments; basing their research in non-representative and non-narrative language. On the other hand, in the postmodernist visual and conceptual art experiments searching a fusion between artistic languages such as literature, theatre, music, fine arts, architecture and theoretical approaches on politics and anthropological issues.

This bilateral origin has left strong traces in our contemporary practice and, in a moment in which performance has become popular and broad in galleries, museums and universities, there is still certain confusion in what performance art is and what is not.

In our selection for The Second we are inviting performance art projects that come from diverse practices and contexts as well as from different understanding. We would like to offer to the public a rich palette of possibilities; from works based on body transformation, site-specific or durational interventions, to works based on philosophical argumentations.

In the perplexity we aim to shake the public with fresh influence and inspiration, to open minds and encourage freethinking, interaction and creativity.

Friday, 09.03.12 / ab 19.00- ca. 23.00 h


Nikhil Chopra (IND) / Yovo Panchev (BUL) / Heinrich Obst (BE) /  Holger


 Dreissig (GER) / Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot (USA/GER)




Saturday, 10.03.12 / 19.00- 24.00 h


Alvaro Terrones (ESP) // Morgan Schagerberg (SWE) // Messianic Research


Centre for Visual Ethics (FIN) // Nabi Nara (KR) // Dmitriego Paragullo


(RU/ESP) // Ane Lan & Beata Kretovicova (NO)



Curated by Johnny Amore and Irene Pascual


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Chaconne – Die Stadt im Klavier IV

Sophiensaele - Sophienstraße 18 – 10178 Berlin

March 1-2, 2012 -20h

March 3, 2012 -18h


The artist in Residence Kazue Taguchi is presenting a stage design in the frame of the show Chaconne - Die Stadt im Klavier IV-,  a staged concerd by Yui Kawaguchi (dance) and Aki Takase (piano).


The subtle grasp each performer has of her own form of artistic expression extends to that of her counterpart, allowing Yui Kawaguchi and Aki Takase to weave a spectacular web of sound and movement. Inspired by the sensual languidness of the chaconne, they will re-examine this old form with multilayered colour contrasts and time changes within an installation of Kazue Taguchi.




(Foto by Arnd Wesemann, tanz - International Magazine)


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Liebe Freunde,

letzten Donnerstag (23.2.2012) haben wir zusammen einen gemÜtlichen Filmabend in GlogauAIR geteilt. Wir haben drei Werke von Kenneth Anger gezeigt, Fireworks, Scorpio Rising und Lucifer Rising.

Hollywood’s Sohn, Kenneth Anger, wusste wie niemand anders die Studio Vorteile auszunutzen um eine einzigartige Kinowelt zu schaffen. Sein Stil hat nicht nur das amerikanische underground Kino beeinflusst sondern auch mit Oscars ausgezeichnete Regisseure wie Martin Scorsese.

Wir freuen uns auf folgende Filmabende.

Vortrag und Filmkommentar: Alejandro Ruiz Luque

Organisation: Raquel Crespo Neumann



last Thursday (23.2.2012) we enjoyed all together three of the most celebrated works of Kenneth Anger: Fireworks, Scorpio Rising and Lucifer Rising.

Hollywood’s son, Kenneth Anger took the advantage of the Studios and developed a very unique cinema, a corpus that span over 4 decades with a tremendous influence not only in the most outsider american cinema but also in award-winning directors such as Martin Scorsese.

Presentation and commentary by Alejandro Ruiz Luque

Organization: Raquel Crespo Neumann




// Where: Project Space: GlogauAIR (ground floor) // Glogauer Str. 16 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

// When: Friday February the 10th at 6 pm 

"DERNIERE IMPORTATION" is an one-day Exhibition from a 10 days workshop in GlogauAIR / Berlin-Kreuzberg by students from the ESAAA, Annecy (FR) with the collaboration of Tere Recarens.


Anaïs Castaings // Cécile Haegelin // Hyeshin Sung // Thomas Beulaguet // Marion Wintrebert // Julie Marin // Hangseon Jo // Geumhwa Heo // Maëlle Schneider // Adeline Gourdoux // Antoine Aubert

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Our actual resident artist Samantha Donelly is presenting the first major UK public solo show at Cornerhouse . With a strong interest in images presented by today's media that continue to idealise and objectify the human form, Contour States comprises a collection of sculpture, photography, collage and drawings that explore representations of female identity in photography, TV, film and advertisements.



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THE RESCUE OF THE EFFECTS - Notes for a Theory of the Reader

// Next thursday, January 19, 20:00.
// Aditional opening hours: January 20 – 22, 15:00 – 19:00.
// General Public, Schönhauser Allee 167c, 10435 Berlin

GlogauAIR is pleased to present the exhibition The Rescue of the effects - Notes for a Theory Reader curated by our former resident artist Lorenzo Sandoval in General Public Project Space.



In a landscape where reality has long ceased to be seen without the presence of auxiliary instruments, which constructs at the same time its registration and setting it up as an archive, the experience does not conform directly in contact with the world but as a mediated doppelgänger. In this type of situation we should not forget that each of the disseminating and accumulating structures that support the architecture of the information is itself a technology with a built-in ideological organisational criteria, of inclusion and exclusion.
This project is built from reflections on creative reading with an active attitude regarding materials from libraries, archives, collections or found-materials establishing with a critical fascination some series of narrative itineraries that discover hidden relationships from the intra-history, the creation of fictions and the infraordinary to practice a critical reading of their architecture, an anarcheology of the structures of knowledge and the everyday-life as well as an analysis of structures of consciousness formation.  

This research tries to present projects that blur the boundaries between the practice of curators, historians, researchers, cultural producers and artists. Thus, located in this area of indistinct borders, it essays a significant rearrangement of the cultural materials that restate the questions to be undertaken, as well as the focus of interest. In fact, all the participating artists are engaged to or from several disciplines: in addition to the context of art itself, speak of their work also located in editing, research, music creation, educational programmes, curating, organising events and reflecting on exhibition spaces.  
These are works that start at the same time questioning both the analysis of content as the actual means of implementation and presentation: devices, methodologies, materials selection, editing, exhibition strategies or building space.

With: Daniel G. AndÚjar, Sol Calero, Constant Dullaart, Embankment, Herzbeat hotel, Bettina Hutschek, Jeleton, Christopher Kline, Phanos Kyriacou, Regina de Miguel, Alexandra Navratil, Paloma Polo, Teresa Solar, Poderes Unidos and JODI.

A project by Lorenzo Sandoval. 

With the support of: 
Ministerio de Cultura de EspañaGeneral Public
Raum für Projektion GlougauAIR and Altes Finanzamt
Spanische Botschaft


OPEN STUDIOS exhibition

16-17 December 2011, GlogauAIR


Participant artists: Leo Babsky // Caetlynn J. Booth // Cooperativa General Humana // Samantha Donnelly // Kuno Ebert // Virginia Echeverría // Malin Hessen // Ingvild Hovland Kaldal // Gareth Kennedy // Grace Kim // Hyeja Kim  // Oswaldo Ruiz



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Invited Exhibition from Faktoria Artystyczna (Warsaw)

in the project space during the open studios exhibition

16-18 December 2011, GlogauAIR


For the present Open Studios exhibition GlogauAIR is collaborating with the polish Foundation Faktoria Artystyczna opening them the opportunity to bring a representation of artists to exhibit in the Project Space.

With this activity we want to open a dialogue between our regular activity of the Residency Program and other cultural initiatives, following our aim to be a platform for cultural exchange and an open space for artistic


Invited artists // Adam Garnek // Adam Kalinowski // Daniel Rumiancew // Kuba Grydniewski // Txus Parras // Laura Polke


// Curated by Malgorzata Grydniewska





Sunday 18th 19-21 h

In addition GlogauAIR is hosting the video-dance festival interconexiones 2011 on its second edition.

We are glad to open such a collaboration aiming to connect with a brother public and to give space to international video-dance experience. The exhibition interconexiones 2011 will be held simultaneously in 15
cities in 7 countries.


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WUNDERBLOCK: Traces of process, document and memory EXHIBITION by NODECENTER at GRIMMUSEUM

Fichte Strasse 2. 10967 Berlin


December 7-9th  2011 / Opening on December 7th at 7 pm


Our current artist in Residence Oswaldo Ruiz and former artist in residence couple Felix & Mumford are taking part in the exhibition Wunderblock: Traces of process, document and memory at Grimmuseum, organized in collaboration with the curatorial program NODE CENTER.



Wunderblock: Traces of process, document and memory is an exhibition exploring the palette of memory’s representation, through archiving, reconstruction and documentation. Different questions are developed considering how memory can create common spaces for interpretation, how can it be activated through perception and how we define the process from perception to reception. 


Participating curators: Indira Aguilera Kohl // Luís Albuquerque Pinho // Laura Devereux // Wafa Gabsi // Olga Sureda Guasch // Rachel Fox


Participating artists: Song-Ming Ang // Assaf Gruber // Felix & Mumford // Krystel Marois // Rita Medinas Faustino  // Sophia Pompéry // Oswaldo Ruiz // Marinella // Senatore  // Santiago Taccett


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ALL IS NOW. A Project by Cooperativa General Humana at Theaterdiscounter

Klosterstrasse 44, 10179 Berlin-Mitte


Act I:  9th December 2011, 8 pm
Act II & III: 10th December 2011, 8 pm
Act IV & V: 11th December 2011, 8 pm


The artist group Cooperativa General Humana, which are having a six months Residence at GlogauAIR, will present their current project ALL IS NOW. at the Theaterdiscounter



A human installation trying to be a real theatre play, taking to the limit the conventions and established rules of classical/bourgeois theatre.

As a play in five acts, it evolves around the myths of contemporary young lifestyles, in a quest for what is simultaneously sublime an ridiculous. Both text and music are based in contents found in the internet.


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