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4 - 6 December 2015 at GlogauAIR

Opening 4 December 18:00 - 22:00


Silvia Andrade

Location / Standort

Location / Standort

Silvia´s work questions the concepts of space and place through the invention and intervention of cartographic images. The project Location / Standort is the result of an Artist-in-residency program at Zentrum für Keramik - Berlin (2015). In this project Silvia interprets the city of Berlin in a subjective way, letting sensation and perceptions guide the mapping process. Personal symbols are mixed with traditional cartographic language, creating a bridge between the ever distanced view of mapmaking and direct earthly experiences.

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Gat Rooms

Mauerstrasse 81/82. 10117 Berlin

19.11.2015 - 08.01.2016

Current resident artist exhibition


Ayumi Miyano

nostalgic noise

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November 2015 at GlogauAIR's showcase


Showcase Project

Current showcase project
Sara Edström
One must do things

SHOWCASE is an ongoing project that takes place in a showcase in the garden wall, which is bonding GlogauAIR with the neighboring Else-Ury Family Library.
GlogauAIR resident artists are invited to develop site-specific works for this public space.

More Showcase Projects

open studios 2015 12

11 - 12 December 2015 @ GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Project Space Exhibition

OPEN STUDIOS - GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Jonathan Bellés & Beatrice Heredia // Kuno Ebert // Sara Edström //
An Gyungsu // Miriam Hamann // Ayumi Miyano // Clara Payas //
I-Chieh Pan // Mireille Ripoll // Katarzyna Wojtczak

THE D-GENERATION - Project Space Exhibition
Curated by Álvaro Bayo

The task of art today is to bring chaos into order
     T. W. Adorno

Emilio Barreiro // Dácil Granados // Nobushige Kono //
Asaf Oren // Ellen Pan // Anton Unai // Hye Jin Won

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Download catalog here

Friday 11 / 19:00 - 24:00

21:00 // Martí Guillem // Ton Dose - Live

Saturday 12 / 15:00 - 20:00

17:00 // Artist Talk
Art is Action: Don’t cry. Work
Sara Edström - Galleri Syster / Veronica Brovall / Klaudia Stoll


In collaboration with




DOUBLES is a bimonthly experiment in which current residents of the Institut für Alles Mögliche are getting paired off with residents from GlogauAIR. Starting out with a first get-together-brunch in Kreuzberg all artists are welcome to get to know each other and partner up in teams of two artists per team. After working independently over the course of one month, exchanging ideas and working out a collective presentation the two teams get to share the last weekend of the month at the Abteilung für Alles Andere in Berlin-Mitte for a two-day-showcase

Doubles #1

Doubles #2

Doubles #4

Doubles #5

IAM glogauair


Every monday at GlogauAIR, 7-9 pm

Drawing Sessions

3€ regular visitors
5€ eventual visitors

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GlogauAIR Artists in Residence Program:


January 25th, 2016

Deadline for the residency starting in July 2016.

Application Info & Guidelines

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