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GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Gemeinsam - Selforganized artists of the North
Project Space Exhibition

23 - 24 March 2018
@ GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Hannah Celli // Arthur Laidlaw// Anastasiya Gutnik // Hwan Yun // Jazoo Yang & Sungho Haku // Marcia Vaitsman // Marko Ivic // Rachel Goodwin // Victor Artiga // Zachary Craig

Aiming to create a welcoming place for emerging international artists, GlogauAIR was founded in 2006 by the spanish artist Chema Alvarogonzález. At the heart of the experimental and innovative Berlin´s artistic scene, GlogauAIR stands today as privileged space for creative development.

This 23rd and 24th of March, GlogauAIR warmly invites the public in to discover freshly baked works by the latest 11 international artists in residence. Moreover, the Project Space on the ground floor will be hosting the exhibition Gemeinsam -Selforganized artists of the North curated by irreverent gallery Galleri Syster, based in Luleå, Sweeden. To shake up the opening night, we will be counting with the live DJ session by the valencian musician KOSTROK. To start off the second and last day of the event, the artists´talk “Be the artworld you want to take part in” will be exploring the relationship between individual and collective artwork.

During this Open Studios’ event visitors will be able to dive into the diversity of human subjectivity through Marcia Vaitsman´s videos, to follow Victor Artiga´s musing on how technology has been replacing our real memory and emotions and Rachel Goodwin’s reflection on how the consumerist cycle of useless objects has affected the perception of our needs.

Marko Ivic will be expanding on the topic of aesthetic phenomenon of light reflection while the sound artist Hwan Yun will be playing with sound with an amusing interactive installation. JAZOO Yang and Haku Sungho will also be presenting a visual sound piece in which they literally lend sound to the act of painting itself.

The painters and drawers Hannah Celli, Anastasiya Gutnik and Zachary Craig will be exhibiting their latest experiments with new materials, techniques and style, while the also painter Arthur Laidlaw carefully analyzes the ties between the history of a city and its inhabitants.

Gemeinsam - Selforganized artists of the North
Project Space Exhibition

Galleri Syster

Galleri Syster

Elin Maria Johansson // Hanna Kanto, Meri Nikula // Essi Korva, Sara Edström // Stefan Riebel // Anja Örn // Tomas Örn // Fanny Carinasdotter // Therese Engström // Anna Harju // Vappu Jalonen

What do we need? In order to feel that we are moving, not standing still: to avoid becoming bogged down in internal or external issues, but instead to progress from one question to the next? To develop – as a person and as an artist?
We need each other; we need to discuss, reflect, obstruct, construct. We need dialogues and polylogues. We need co-participation. As individual artists we cooperate long-term with invited artists, creating mutual mentorship, broadening our artistic practice, our organising, our thoughts.
We embrace the collective practice, we find strength in each other and have so much more fun together.

✴   ✴   ✴


Friday 23rd March // 19:00 - 23:00

19:00 // LOUHETAR // Essi Korva (Sculptural Dreess) & Meri Nikula (voice and performance) // Vocal Performance with a Sculptural Costume

20:00 // Vappu Jalonen // Text and Sound performance

20:30 // I DON´T LOOK GOOD NAKED ANYMORE // Sara Edstöm // Song & Ukulele

21:00 // KOSTROK // Live DJ Session

Saturday, March 24th // 16:00 - 21:00

16:30 // BE THE ARTWORLD YOU WANT TO TAKE PART IN // Sara Edström, Elin Maria Johansson and
Fanny Carinasdotter // Artist Talk

18:00 // LOUHETAR // Essi Korva (Sculptural Dreess) & Meri Nikula (voice and performance) // Vocal
Performance with a Sculptural Costume


✴   ✴   ✴

Be the Artworld you want to take part in

Sara Edström and Stefan Riebel. Installation "Going Places - Finding Words" at Galleri Syster, 2017

Artist Talk

Be the Artworld you want to take part in

Galleri Syster

16:30 @ GlogauAIR

In frame of the Open Studios March 2018

"Be the artworld you want to take part in"
quote from The Guerilla Girls’ Guide to Behaving Badly.

How does one combine the individual art practice with the collective? When does one feed the other and when does it drain you? Is it really two separate practices or has it always been one and the same even when we don't see it ourselves? Can we make ourselves stronger by articulating the every day knowledge that accumulates through the doing, through the practice?

Open Call

Call for Curatorial Proposals

Exhibit in GlogauAIR’s project space!

Last year’s open call was a true success, in which two wonderful projects were selected!
In 2018 we want to continue to get creativity flowing! We want to promote artistic dialog and artistic production. We want to support your vision, to help your projects taking off.
GlogauAIR was founded in 2006 by the artist Chema Alvargonzález (1960 Cádiz, Spain – 2009 Berlin, Germany) with the aim of being a non-profit space dedicated to openness, experimentation and dialogue. Focused on innovation and deeply committed to artistic quality, we are currently running an all-year long artists-in-residence and a project space where various artistic events take place.
This time, let one of these events be that exhibition you have been cooking in your mind!

What we offer you for free
- Project Space (150 sqm.)
- Technical support
- Promotion (Website, Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Flyers and Poster)
- Featuring in Open Studios catalog
- Catering

Exhibition Dates // December 14th to 15th (This exhibition will be the guest exhibition at the Open Studios December 2018 event)
Deadline for Proposal Submissions // June 1st, 2018
The selected project will be announced on // July 2nd, 2018

- All sorts of artistic disciplines are accepted
- The curatorial project must include at least a minimum of three artists
- The current call is open to individual curators as well as to curatorial teams/organizations/collectives
- Curators and artist need to be Berlin-based

Required documentation
- Title + Exhibition concept (max. 300 words in English)
- Statement + link to artist’ webpage or portfolio
- List of selected works + Pictures or weblinks
- Technical requirements
- CV of the curator(s)/collective/organization

The information listed above must be sent to in only one single document (pdf, rar or zip) that should not exceed 20 MB.

The enclosed document should be named as follows:


Example: coolwaves_march2017.pdf

In case you have any questions or in case you are having trouble with the submission, do not hesitate in contacting us.


Interview - Meet the Artist

Victor Artiga

Victor Artiga´s recent body of work explores the omnipresence of the digital screen and its phenomenological effect on the human body. His work often incorporates devices through which we experience images such as, digital screens, projector, in sculptural installations, which merge flatten spaces with three-dimensional space. Having a fluid relation between sculpture, screen and works on paper he proposes, that we currently experiment a degree of affect in the way we interpret the hectic circulation of images and are trying to come to term with its new iterations.
The two dimensional work is created through the use of hand made processes like collage, transfers, silkscreen and drawing. Victor intends to inspect the connection between the lexicon of image editing software and the human body.


Marcia Vaitsman

Game Board – Tabuleiro

2018 @ GlogauAIR's showcase

More Showcase Projects


Abends fliegen die Fische

Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie / Seminar Grit Schwerdtfeger
Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie

03.03.2018 - 11.03.2018
Opening 03.03.2018 19:00 - 22:00 Saturday 3rd March 2018
@ GlogauAIR

Sonja Deppisch, Rannveig Einarsdóttir, Ulrich Kleipaß, Therese Korritter, Karin Kutter,
Philine Rudolph (aka ella), Christopher Parschat, Peter Pietschmann, Maria Ugoljew

„Abends fliegen die Fische“ is the closing exhibiton of the 2017/2018 seminar of Grit Schwerdtfeger at the „Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie“ in Berlin. It features nine works that are characterized by different photographic approaches and techniques. The photographs shown are the result of a shared creative journey fuelled by the discussions and reflections of the seminar participants throughout the year. Most of the works revolve around the topic of „water“, either in an abstract or very concrete way, which was the starting point of the seminar.
The „Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie“ was founded in 2005 by Werner Mahler and Thomas Sandberg in Berlin, who are also founding members of the „Ostkreuz Agentur der Fotografen“. It is one of the most respected free schools of photography in Germany.

Und abends fliegen die Fische. Im Wasser ist ihr Leben, was machen sie in der Luft? Wieso verlassen sie es, wenn auch nur für kurze Zeit? Es sind solche Fragen und noch viel mehr, insbesondere auch der nach der Metapher für unser eigenes Leben, mit der sich die hier präsentierten Arbeiten auseinandersetzen. Wie Wasser fließen auch Beziehungen zu Menschen, zur Arbeit, zur Kunst. Wasser ist das, was um uns ist. Es ist das Heranwachsen und Vergehen – im Einklang, in Auseinandersetzung.
Die Ausstellung „Abends fliegen die Fische“ zeigt neun Arbeiten der Teilnehmenden des Seminars von Grit Schwerdtfeger an der Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. Die Arbeiten sind von unterschiedlichen fotografischen Herangehensweisen und Techniken geprägt. Gleichzeitig sind sie Ergebnis gemeinsamen Arbeitens und Diskutierens, deren Ausgangspunkt die Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema Wasser war, in sehr unterschiedlicher Abstraktion.
Die Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie wurde 2005 von Werner Mahler und Thomas Sandberg in Berlin gegründet, die auch Gründungsmitglieder der Fotografenagentur Ostkreuz sind. Sie ist eine der angesehensten freien Schulen für Fotografie in Deutschland.

open call

Open Call for Interns

Internship Offer 3 – 6 months part-time form October 2018 onwards

@ GlogauAIR

You like art and want to get closer to it? Are you curious to meet the artists behind their works? Do you want to experience the thrill of creation and to have the opportunity to be involved in the production process of an artwork and art events? Then you might want to join us!

GlogauAIR is a non-profit art residency and project space located in one of the most lively and creative areas of Berlin, Kreuzberg. GlogauAIR runs a year-long residency program, constantly hosting 10 international artists that live and develop their projects in this beautiful historical 19th century building. Along with the residency program, GlogauAIR runs a project space that has becoming progressively more central in the Berlin experimental art scene.

What we offer:

- Access to the heart of the Berlin art scene: you will have the chance of getting in touch with the various actors in the art world (Galleries, exhibition spaces, collectors, curators, artists, museums)
- A hands-on experience of learning (setting up exhibitions, art management, event coordination, social media marketing)
- A relaxed, friendly and open working atmosphere with flat hierarchies
- An enriching multi-cultural environment

Your Profile:

- Bachelor/Masters degree in an art-related course of studies (cultural management, curatorial studies, fine arts, art history, illustration, design, communication design…)
- Excellent English skills (German and/or Spanish is a plus, but not necessary )
- Good knowledge of social media tools
- Good knowledge of image editing softwares (mainly photophop, indesign and premierepro)

Ideally we would recommend you to apply to a grant or scholarship in order to get financial support during the internship period.

In case you are interested, please send us an email with a CV and a motivation letter to


GlogauAIR Artists in Residence Program:


January 31st, 2018
Deadline for the residencies beginning in July and December 2018.

Attention: New Fees from May 2018!



Coffee Break

with Institut für Alles Mögliche

@ GlogauAIR and Institut für Alles Mögliche

„Coffee Break“ is a collaboration between Institut für Alles Mögliche and GlogauAIR that aims to encourage the encounter of creatives resididing in both institutions. The project really is what is sounds like: by bringing artists around the table in an easy-going atmosphere, it enables networking and stimulates artistic discussion and might lead into future alliances and ongoing cooperation. Everything starts with a shared cup of coffee …


Artist Talk


Kap Hoorn with Paz Ponce

@ GlogauAIR
The Tertulias are held in Spanish
Please confirm your attendance on the facebook event

Facebook event

Departing from the Arendtian notion of “the common interest” (weltliche Bezug), that takes interest in the symbols, collective archetypes and temporary needs bounding us together as a society, the curator Paz Ponce will show us her collaborative project presented in the XIII Havana Biennale as well as her networking structure that puts together different actors and collectives that have chosen Berlin as their artistic axis. This networks or crossroads have generated diverse experimental artistic educational programs, workshops that integrate public history, philosophical and literary elements and curatorial projects with municipal and European programs as well as with independent artistic spaces.

Paz Ponce:
Curator, educator and independent art historian born in 1985 in Cádiz. She lives and works in Berlin. In her practice she researches on identity formation mechanisms with a special focus on Berlin’s self-organized art scene. Among her many projects in the german capital she has generated an own pedagogical methodology named Philopoetics that incites a poetical sense of the daily to young people. She also collaborates with the Node Center for Cultural Studies, the Berlinerpool as chief conservator of the archive and with AFFECT - Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Wandering - a Laboratory of Subjectivity

Marcia Vaitman, 10 Delírios em 10 Sutra, Video HD, 10 minutes,India, 2017


Wandering - a Laboratory of Subjectivity

Marcia Vaitsman & Arthur Laidlaw

18:30 @ GlogauAIR

Facebook event

The wanderers distance themselves from the familiarity of the oedipal territory (Guattari & Deleuze) that first colonized their psyche. By inhabiting new geographies, the body in transit mingles with the other and becomes itself the other: the foreigner, the strange, the unusual, and the curiosity.

Through this metamorphic experience, the migratory being is led to confront and consciously deconstruct its own practices and identity – the once relatively stable and settled identity and practices that used to overlap and work in perfect synchrony with the cultural identity and practices of their geographical place of origin. This process of new awareness of the self, works as an estrangement effect that sets the wanderer into a simultaneous and symbiotic whirl of endless multiple possibilities but also of inner drift and disorientation.
However this is as much a gain as it is a loss, for in need of deconstructing such fundamental structures of the self, the wonderer is led to the quest for a more creative, conscious, responsible and honest way of perceiving where one is and what one is. An exercise of re-educating one’s mind, in search of a renewed and subjectively more meaningful ways of seeing and connecting with life.

Marcia Vaitsman - The last 3 years Marcia has been writing and researching images of displacement, which resulted in a PhD thesis and several studio projects. Her interest lies in vast empty spaces, slow paces and reduced color pallets. Thematically her practice is rooted in displacement, migration, miscegenation and how the body-mind copes with disorientation. The interest in science, researching digital media and the observation of mass and social media are a part of the search for a “map” or method, as she tries to understand how people form their collectives and identities. These concepts and processes converge into single channel videos, installations and photographs.

Arthur Laidlaw - Arthur Laidlaw’s work emphasizes the hubris of ‘Western’ viewers looking onto canonized landscapes. The experience of drawing and photographing ancient architecture in the Middle East, months before the Arab Spring, has profoundly shaped the way he sees the world. Each of Laidlaw’s projects is preoccupied with viewer expectations; his complex renderings of a landscape through dozens of different material layers present a destabilizing image that asks us to question our assumptions of a place. These layers reflect the our own efforts to try and understand a new culture when travelling – followed by our attempts to try and recall the original experience, even as the memories of that place begin to fade and distort.



Marko Ivic

Marko´s artistic focus is set on interdisciplinary performances, and more recently, the exploration of the installation format and collaborations related to photography and sculpture, always connecting and re-connecting with sonic experiences. His research is motivated by approximations to exuberant aesthetics, human identity, the body, and metaphysical aspects of our existence. A connection to the piano and his interest in live electronics is constantly pushing him to find new sound dimensions involving the use of software and sensors, in an attempt to re-articulate his personal experience and explore the relationships between the instrument and my body.

More events and activities